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Prevent Car Problems Before They Happen with SubieSmith

As a car gets older, it inevitably develops a few problems with some of its parts. However, you can prevent that with regular maintenance.

Get maintenance for your Subaru with our mechanics in Thornton. By having your car serviced at SubieSmith, you’ll keep your car running smoothly.

At SubieSmith, we offer only the best in Subaru repairs, and we prioritize your satisfaction over anything else. We only recommend repairs and part replacements we believe to be necessary. Our goal is to have your car running for as long as possible with the least costly maintenance services.

Avoid costly repairs by having your car serviced at SubieSmith. Our auto repair shop is conveniently located in Thornton. Contact us by filling out our form and get a free vehicle inspection. We’ll make sure you get the best maintenance services possible for your Subaru.

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What You Get When You Choose SubieSmith

When you choose SubieSmith to repair your Subaru, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality maintenance. Here’s why:

SubieSmith’s Hassle-Free Process

SubieSmith works to give you the best service possible. Our process is seamless and hassle-free. 

1. Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule your appointment, just contact us and talk to our team. You can call us at (720) 594-2817 or email us at We’re open from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM. However, we try our best to pick up phone calls even after hours.

2. Drop Your Car Off at Our Shop

Once you have an appointment, you can drop your car off at our shop. You can even drop it off after hours and leave the key in our drop box. Don’t worry, it’s totally secure.

3. Inspection & Recommendations

Before we perform maintenance on your vehicle, we first need to inspect it. We identify which parts need fixing and which don’t. We will then call you and recommend services based on our assessment of your car.

We’ll also send an email with everything we have discussed in our call. It will contain all the information you need to make decisions regarding your Subaru’s repair. If you have any questions about our recommendations, feel free to ask.

4. Pick Up Your Car

We’ll inform you when your vehicle is ready for pick up. We’ll also have your car’s old parts ready to show you, so you’ll get more assurances regarding the necessity of the repairs.

For your convenience, you can pick up your vehicle from our shop after hours. Simply inform us that you plan to do so. We’ll place your keys in a combination lock box and send you the password.

5. Payment

SubieSmith accepts payments made via all major credit cards, cash and checks with a valid ID, and online payments. For online payments, simply ask, and we’ll set it up for you.

Fix Problems While They’re Still Small

SubieSmith will find and fix your car’s problems before they become more costly to repair, so you spend less time and money on maintenance.

Call us at (720) 594-2817 or email us at to get an estimate or schedule a repair.

Complete Vehicle Inspection - FRee

Information at Subiesmith is always free. When we perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection on your car, you will receive a full report on what we find, good and bad. Along with context of how the pending repairs may impact vehicle operation, our best estimates of the timeframes for repairs, and helpful hints and tips to minimize the risk of damage if repairs need to wait.

Modified Vehicle Policy

Is your Subaru modified? Have you added some high performance parts or a lift kit? If so, these modifications may exclude your vehicle from being able to be serviced at Subiesmith. Depending on the modifications made, our standard diagnostic information and part sources may not be useful.
Please contact us with any questions about the impact your modifications may have on our ability to service your vehicle.

Schedule Service for Your Subaru Today

Schedule maintenance for your vehicle or ask us a question by calling us at (720) 594-2817, emailing us at, or by filling out our form.