Routine Subaru Car Maintenance in Thornton

Factory-Recommended Subaru Car Maintenance in Thornton

Have your car serviced through SubieSmith, so it stays with you for as long as possible.

The best way to save money on your vehicle is with preventative maintenance. Find and fix small problems before they become big ones. Keep each part in good condition, so it doesn’t damage other parts as well. By doing this, you avoid costly repairs, and you maximize your car’s lifespan.

By following the factory-recommended maintenance schedule for your Subaru, you have it maintained at ideal mileages. This results in less overall maintenance needed to keep your vehicle in good condition and less time and money invested into it.

SubieSmith will be happy to service your Subaru.

By choosing us, you get:

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What SubieSmith Has to Offer

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Expertise with Subaru Cars

Our shop in Thornton is dedicated to servicing Subaru cars and nothing else. As such, our certified technicians are experts on the subject and know the ins and outs of Subaru models. We’re confident that you won’t find service for your Subaru as good as ours anywhere else in town.

Less Maintenance

By choosing SubieSmith and following the factory-recommended maintenance schedule, you lessen the amount of maintenance your car needs.

We prioritize your satisfaction and believe that delivering high-quality service is of greater benefit to you. With a routine car maintenance schedule, you prevent additional, more costly car repairs in the future.

Full Transparency

Our service processes are completely transparent. Once we’ve assessed your vehicle’s condition, we inform you of everything we’ve found, both what needs repair and what doesn’t. We give honest recommendations that only include the services you need.

Keep Your Subaru Running Smoothly

We do our best to keep your Subaru in top condition and running smoothly. With routine maintenance from SubieSmith, you keep your car with you for as long as possible and prevent any decrease in its lifespan.

By choosing SubieSmith, you entrust your vehicle to an auto repair shop that’s ASE-Certified (ID number: ASE-1752-0639) and insured by a full Garage Owners Policy.

Call us at (720) 594-2817 or email us at to schedule an appointment and get a free vehicle inspection.

Our Routine Maintenance Services

Spark Plug Replacement

Worn spark plugs have a negative impact on your car’s fuel economy and can damage your catalytic converter, which is much more expensive to replace. Keep your spark plugs in good condition and have them replaced around every 30,000 miles.

We use the following NGK spark plugs and wires, all of which are factory-recommended:

Fluid Services

Regularly replacing your car’s fluids is essential to keep it running smoothly. These fluids cool and lubricate various car parts and act as hydraulic fluids.

Our fluid services include:

Complete Vehicle Inspection - FRee

Information at Subiesmith is always free. When we perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection on your car, you will receive a full report on what we find, good and bad. Along with context of how the pending repairs may impact vehicle operation, our best estimates of the timeframes for repairs, and helpful hints and tips to minimize the risk of damage if repairs need to wait.

Modified Vehicle Policy

Is your Subaru modified? Have you added some high performance parts or a lift kit? If so, these modifications may exclude your vehicle from being able to be serviced at Subiesmith. Depending on the modifications made, our standard diagnostic information and part sources may not be useful.
Please contact us with any questions about the impact your modifications may have on our ability to service your vehicle.

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