A list of the common repairs we do

Interactive Inspections

Your car has never been inspected like this before.

When you go in for an inspection at most shops, you hand off the keys and your car disappears back into the shop. Some time later a sales guy shows up with a long list of really expensive things you “should really fix now.”

We do it differently at Subiesmith. Here, we welcome you to join your technician back in the bay while your car is inspected. You’ll be standing right next them under the car, holding a flashlight. We will show you what we’re checking and how we check it. The reason we are recommending each repair will be explained. We want you to have as much information as you need so you can made an educated decision on what things to fix and what can wait for later.

By the time we finish your inspection, you will have a very clear idea of the mechanical status of your vehicle. You will be provided a full price list for the recommended repairs along with severity of the concerns.

Please call to make an appointment. Takes about an hour.

  • Price - Free

All prices include any necessary parts, labor, fluids and taxes.
The price we quote is exactly what you pay when you pick the car up.

No Surprises!

Basic Head Gaskets – Includes upgraded (multi-layered steel) head gaskets, valve cover gasket set, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, coolant crossover pipe seals, thermostat gasket, new coolant and an oil change. We stay in contact with you during the process, as there may be other engine repairs that are much cheaper to do while the engine is out. Additional $200 for Cylinder Head Resurface, if needed.

  • Subaru - NonTurbo (2000-2012) - $1,500
  • Subaru - NonTurbo (1996-1999) - $1,600
  • Subaru - Turbo - $3,000
  • Subaru - H6 - $3,200
  • Subaru - 4 Cyl with Timing Chain - $2,500

Includes timing belt, water pump, tensioner, pulleys, thermostat gasket and new coolant.

Premium parts: Timing Belt by Mitsuboshi. Water Pump by Aisin. Timing Hardware by Koyo, NTN and NSK.

Timing Belt Kits are $350 off if replaced during a Head Gasket Service.

  • Subaru - NonTurbo - $900
  • Subaru - Turbo - $1,100

Clutch Kit

Includes pressure plate, clutch disc, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, flywheel resurface and transmission fluid where needed.

Clutch Kits are $400 off when replaced during a Head Gasket Service.

Subaru – NonTurbo (through 2010)

  • 5 Speed Luk Kit - Softer Pedal Feel - $1,100
  • 5 Speed Exedy Kit - Factory Pedal Feel - $1,120
  • Turbo Exedy Kit - $1,700
  • Turbo Dual Mass to Single Mass Conversion - $350
  • 6 Speed Exedy Kit - $1,300
  • Add Snout Repair Kit - $200
  • Others - Contact for Price

Struts - Excel-G by KYB

Includes new strut assemblies. Springs and mounts not included, and rarely needed. Single axle available. Does not include alignment.

  • KYB - $700 per Axle
  • Alignment - Needed After Replacing Front Struts - $100
  • NOTE - Price does not include the WRX or STI
Includes new pads, brake rotors, clean and lube contact points and slides. Price per axle. Covers most Subarus.
  • Performance Brakes - Akebono Pads and Drilled/Slotted Rotors - per axle - $600
  • Premium Brakes - Akebono Pads and Premium Rotors - per axle - $500
  • Basic Brakes - Economy Pads and Rotors - per axle - $400

CV Axles

Includes a new cv axle shaft installed on the front. We use remanufactured axles that are rebuilt directly by Subaru. We avoid the common vibration and shimmy problems associated with aftermarket axles. Covers most 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder, non-turbo Subaru’s from 2000 through 2009.
  • Front CV Axle - $500
  • Add Axle Seal - $125 additional

Suspension Services

Some of the more common Subaru suspension repairs.
  • Front Lower Control Arm, Rearward Bushing - $250/side
  • Sway Bar Links and Frame Mounting Bushings - $300-$500/axle
  • Ball Joint, Front Lower - $250/side

Spark Plugs and Wires - NGK

We use factory recommended NGK spark plugs and wires.

  • Spark Plugs - 2.5 w/ Timing Belt Driven Engine - $300
  • Spark Plugs - 3.0 or 3.6 H6 - $500
  • Spark Plugs - 2.5 Turbo - $400
  • Spark Plugs - 2.5 w/ Timing Chain Driven Engine - $450
  • Add Spark Plug Wire Set - 2000-2009 - $150 additional

Fluid Services

Includes labor and a high quality fluid specific to the vehicle. Covers most Subaru’s 2009 and earlier.

  • Brake Fluid Flush - $125
  • Front or Rear Differential - Drain and Refill - $125
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid - Drain and Refill - 2000-2009 - $175
  • Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT) Fluid - $300
  • Manual Transmission Fluid - $150

Need Something Else?

There are many other services available. Please contact us with any requests. Used Engine and Transmission replacement available.