Maintain a Proper Subaru Maintenance Schedule with SubieSmith

You and your trusty Subaru have gone through many adventures together. You’ve conquered dirt tracks, explored terrains, driven off to the sunset. It has kept you company through the daily hustle of life, fulfills its duty of bringing you from home to work, the dentist’s office, or any place you need to be.

But several factors can cause wear and tear on your trusty Subaru, from weeks of intense humidity to raging blizzards and everything in between. Avoid expensive repairs by making and following a Subaru maintenance schedule with SubieSmith. We provide comprehensive Subaru car maintenance for the residents of Lakewood.

Our factory-trained mechanics will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle and perform the necessary steps, from a tire rotation to oil change, to keep it in tiptop shape. Our shop has the resources and equipment needed to provide the kind of preventive maintenance that will keep your Subaru running smoothly for years.

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We are strong believers that the minds who designed your vehicle are the ones most qualified to advise on how to maintain it. By following the recommended scheduled maintenance provided by Subaru, we can keep your car on the road for many miles to come with the lowest overall cost.

Subaru’s tend to have larger maintenance services recommended every thirty thousand miles. For most people, this is every two to three years. The recommended items tend to be filters, fluids and spark plugs. And don’t forget about that timing belt. That’s not a good one to miss.

Take factory-recommended maintenance for your Subaru seriously. An ounce of maintenance or a pound of repair.

The SubieSmith Difference

SubieSmith is your local Subaru repair shop that provides quality Subaru required maintenance at a fair price. Here are the factors that set us apart from our competition:

  • The repair and upkeep experience at SubieSmith is dedicated entirely to Subaru vehicles. This allows us to focus on the type of work your vehicle needs. We can confidently back the quality of our work.
  • We have invested in resources that allow us to upgrade our workmanship. On top of advanced tools and diagnostic equipment, our technicians undergo continuous training. We are up-to-date with the latest Subaru models and their proper upkeep.
  • We help our customers prolong the life of their Subaru with proper education. We prefer to inspect your vehicle with you around. We walk you through our inspection process as we perform it, so you can see, hear, and understand how your vehicle’s parts work and the specific repairs each component needs. That way, we can show and explain to you what we find and so we can address your questions real-time.
  • Our team values transparency. Your time and money are important to us. We finish the job right on the agreed-upon schedule, and the quality of our work prevents you from coming back to our shop to fix the same problem.

Be Back on the Road ASAP

Our goal is to get your Subaru back to smooth running condition so you can do more, experience more, and live more. Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons to entrust the upkeep of your vehicle to SubieSmith with confidence:
subaru maintenance
  • ASE-Certified with ID number: ASE-1752-0639
  • Insured by a full Garage Owners Policy
  • Accurate time estimates
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Honest recommendations (we wouldn’t recommend anything you don’t need)
  • Transparency of the process
  • Fair prices (our prices are so competitive, you can save up to 20% just by coming to us for repair or maintenance.

To book an appointment, call us at (720) 295-0007, fill out our form, or send an email to Feel free to call us anytime: we do our best to answer calls, even after hours!

Spark Plugs

We use factory recommended NGK spark plugs and wires.

  • Spark Plugs - 2.5 w/ Timing Belt Driven Engine - $300
  • Spark Plugs - 3.0 or 3.6 H6 - $500
  • Spark Plugs - 2.5 Turbo - $400
  • Spark Plugs - 2.5 w/ Timing Chain - Impreza, Crosstrek, and Forester - $450
  • Spark Plugs - 2.5 w/ Timing Chain - Outback and Legacy - $500
  • Add Spark Plug Wire Set - 2000-2009 - $175 additional

Fluid Services

Includes labor and a high quality fluid specific to the vehicle. Covers most Subaru’s 2009 and earlier.

  • Brake Fluid Flush - $125
  • Differential Fluid, Front or Rear - Drain and Refill - $125
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid - Drain and Refill - 2000-2009 - $200
  • Constantly Variable Transmission (CTV) Fluid - $400
  • Manual Transmission Fluid - $150