You and your trusty Subaru have gone through many adventures together.

You’ve conquered dirt tracks, explored terrains, and driven off to the sunset. It keeps you company through the hustle and bustle of daily life, and fulfills its duty of bringing you home from work, the dentist’s office, or any place you need to be.

But several factors can cause wear and tear on your trusty Subaru, from weeks of intense humidity to raging blizzards and everything in between. Avoid expensive repairs by making and following a Subaru maintenance schedule with SubieSmith. We provide comprehensive Subaru car maintenance for the Denver Metro, Thornton, and all of Colorado!

Save Money in the Long Run with Regular Maintenance

Our factory-trained mechanics will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle and perform the necessary steps, from a tire rotation to the oil change, to keep it in tip-top shape. Our shop provides the kind of preventive maintenance that will keep your Subaru running smoothly for years.
We are strong believers that the minds who designed your vehicle are the ones most qualified to advise you on how to maintain it. By following the recommended scheduled maintenance provided by Subaru, we can keep your car on the road for many miles to come with the lowest overall cost.

Factory-Recommended Maintenance

Subarus tend to have larger maintenance services recommended every thirty thousand miles. For most people, this is every two to three years. The recommended items tend to be filters, fluids, and spark plugs. And don’t forget about the timing belt. That’s not a good one to miss.

Take factory-recommended maintenance for your Subaru seriously. An ounce of maintenance prevents a pound of repair.



    Why Follow the Recommended Maintenance Schedule

    Vehicle manufacturers create recommended maintenance schedules based on ideal mileages and maintenance intervals. If your vehicle isn’t maintained often enough, it won’t last long and will quickly wear down. If maintained too often, the costs add up even when maintenance isn’t needed.

    Following the recommended maintenance schedule for your Subaru will keep your car running for as long as possible while minimizing the number of times you need to avail of maintenance services.

    ASE-Certified with ID number: ASE-1752-0639

    Insured by a full Garage Owners Policy

    Accurate time estimates

    Fast turnaround time

    Honest recommendations (we wouldn’t recommend anything you don’t need)

    Transparency of the process

    Fair prices (our prices are so competitive, you can save up to 20% just by coming to us for repair or maintenance.

    Subiesmith Services



    Subiesmith’s state-of-the-art service department is equipped with technology Subaru recommends for accurate diagnostics, services, and repairs for your model. Apart from our technical capability, we have a team that is ready to inspect, maintain, and repair your car. 

    Gain peace of mind when you let our team take charge of your Subaru timing belt replacement. As a business centered on servicing Subaru vehicles exclusively, we possess the specialized tools and knowledge necessary to properly install timing belts.


    Spark plugs are parts of the ignition system that naturally undergo wear and tear.

    These plugs handle tens of thousands of volts of electricity with every engine cycle. After receiving that electricity, they’re in the combustion chamber where air and fuel mix and combust. This process happens between 400 and 3500 times per minute.

    It’s a tough job in your engine’s most challenging environment, and the spark plugs’ electrodes slowly wear away. The more the electrodes wear down, the more energy it takes to jump the electrode gap. This increases the workload for the rest of the ignition system and can cause premature failure.

    Worn-out spark plugs lower your vehicle’s fuel economy and cause increased tailpipe emissions. They may also damage the catalytic converter, which can be costly to replace. When completely worn out, they lead to a dead misfire, where the affected cylinder isn’t contributing power.

    Save money on fuel and avoid costly repairs by regularly replacing your spark plugs according to Subaru’s car maintenance schedule.

    We use factory-recommended NGK spark plugs and wires.


    Spark Plugs - 2.5 w/ Timing Belt Driven Engine - $350


    Spark Plugs - 3.0 or 3.6 H6 - $600-650


    Spark Plugs - 2.5 Turbo - $450


    Spark Plugs - 2.5 w/ Timing Chain - Impreza, Crosstrek, and Forester - $500


    Spark Plugs - 2.5 w/ Timing Chain - Outback and Legacy - $550V


    Add Spark Plug Wire Set - 2000-2009 - $200 additional

    Aaron Under Car Subiesmith

    “Following the recommended maintenance schedule for your Subaru will keep your car running for as long as possible while minimizing the number of times you need to avail of maintenance services.”


    SubieSmith is your local Subaru repair shop that provides quality Subaru-required maintenance at a fair price. Here are the factors that set us apart from our competition:


    Subiesmith Reception Area


    Our fluid services include labor and a high-quality fluid specific to the vehicle. Our services cover most Subaru models from 2009 and earlier.

    Brake fluid is the hydraulic fluid used in your brake system. It’s the physical connection between your brake pedal and the brake calipers located at each wheel.

    When you push down on your brake pedal, the fluid is compressed. The increased pressure moves the pistons inside the brake calipers, squeezing the brake pads against the brake rotor and slowing the vehicle down.

    Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and draws copper out of the brake lines. The friction from braking can cause the brake calipers and the fluid inside to get very hot, turning the moisture into steam.

    Should this happen, drivers will feel the brake pedal get soft and spongy. They might have trouble fully applying the brakes, or worse, not be able to apply them at all. This is extremely dangerous, especially when driving on sloped roads like in the mountains.

    Keep your brakes in good condition to avoid potentially fatal accidents by replacing your vehicle’s brake fluid with a brake fluid flush.


    Brake Fluid Flush - $150


    Differential Fluid, Front or Rear - Drain and Refill - $150


    Automatic Transmission Fluid - Drain and Refill - 2000-2009 - $225


    Constantly Variable Transmission (CTV) Fluid - $450


    Manual Transmission Fluid - $175

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    The core function of the transmission is to allow for a range of gear ratio options between the engine’s speed and the speed of the wheels. While an automatic transmission and a continuously variable transmission accomplish this function in different ways, the role of the fluid in them is similar.

    The fluid performs three basic functions:

    • Lubrication: it lubricates the transmission to reduce friction between moving parts.
    • Hydraulics: it operates as a hydraulic fluid. It is pressurized in certain chambers and lines to initiate different mechanical functions like shifting gears.
    • Cooling: it carries heat away from the transmission to the transmission cooler. The heat is dissipated into the air flowing past the moving vehicle.

    As the transmission fluid breaks down, it becomes less efficient at performing these tasks. This results in more wear and tear on the transmission, one of the most expensive parts to replace.

    Draining and refilling the transmission fluid is one of the most essential scheduled maintenance items. Replace your vehicle’s transmission fluid to avoid a much more costly part replacement.


    Subarus are all-wheel-drive vehicles. To get the power from the engine to all four wheels, they require differentials. These are extra mechanical systems that split the energy that comes out of the transmission between the tires.

    All-wheel-drive systems require two differentials, one for the front tires and one for the rear tires. When a vehicle turns, the inside tire has to turn slower than the outside tire since it’s traveling a shorter distance. To achieve this difference in turning speeds, differentials have multiple heavy-duty gears.

    The differentials are full of oil that coats the gears. When the differential fluid is low, the gears rub against each other, causing a grinding or humming noise. This heats up and damages the gears.

    Prevent damage to the gears and bearings with a differential fluid drain and refill service. Simply follow Subaru’s recommended routine maintenance.


    Manual transmissions are much simpler than automatic transmissions or CVTs. It performs the same function of determining the ratio of engine speed to wheel speed. However, unlike with automatic transmissions, the driver decides the gear ratio and not a transmission control computer.

    Manual transmission fluid has no hydraulic function to perform. Instead, its function is much more closely related to differential fluid. The fluid used in manual transmissions is the same kind.

    Like in differentials, when the fluid breaks down, there is excessive heat and friction. When this happens, drivers might have trouble shifting gears and experience shaking, lurching, or sudden jerks. Have your manual transmission fluid regularly replaced during scheduled maintenance to avoid these problems.


    Information at Subiesmith is always free. When we perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection on your car, you will receive a full report on what we find, good and bad.

    Along with the context of how the pending repairs may impact vehicle operation, our best estimates of the timeframes for repairs, and helpful hints and tips to minimize the risk of damage if repairs need to wait.

    • No Scare Tactics – We promise that we will present the recommendations with an appropriate level of urgency. If everything is an emergency, nothing is.
    • No High-Pressure Sales – Our goal is to equip you with all the information you need to make educated decisions about handling repairs and maintenance on your Subaru. We also include pictures of the concerns on your vehicle so you can see them for yourself. You don’t have to be a mechanic to identify the most important repairs. We will help bridge that information gap.
    • No Surprises – As always, any and all prices we provide are “all-included” prices. Even sales tax. No one likes surprise charges when they go to pick up their car.


    Our fluid services include labor and a high-quality fluid specific to the vehicle. Our services cover most Subaru models from 2009 and earlier.


    The cabin air filter filters out dust, dirt, and pollen from the air that comes through the vents for the climate control system. Air drawn into your car by the heater or A/C first passes through this filter.

    It’s one of the most overlooked maintenance items. It’s also one of the few maintenance items that directly affect your health.

    A dirty cabin air filter is covered with debris. When moisture from the A/C comes into contact with it, the debris can mold or rot. This results in a moldy or musty smell from the vent system and may cause asthma attacks and other respiratory problems.

    Follow Subaru’s car maintenance schedule and regularly replace the cabin air filter to keep the air you breathe clean.


    The engine air filter filters dust and debris out of the air before it is drawn into the engine. Modern engines have very tight tolerances between internal moving parts, so any foreign material that gets inside may cause significant damage. It’s important that the engine air filter is working properly.

    While it’s an important part, it’s a maintenance item we see serviced more often than necessary. You can tell your vehicle needs a new engine air filter by holding your current one up to bright light. If you can still see light through it, it’s fine. If you don’t, it’s time for a new filter.

    Prevent damage to your vehicle’s engine with a proper maintenance schedule and have the air filter replaced.


    By availing of our services and keeping your vehicle well-maintained, you’ll maximize its lifespan and save more in the long run. With Subiesmith, you get transparent service and fair deals.



    Is your Subaru modified? Have you added some high-performance parts or a lift kit? If so, these modifications may exclude your vehicle from being able to be serviced at Subiesmith. Our standard diagnostic information and part sources may not be useful depending on the modifications made.

    Please contact us with any questions about the impact your modifications may have on our ability to service your vehicle.

    Subaru Car Models We Service

    Get comprehensive car maintenance for your Subaru. We service all Subaru car models. A few examples of the models we service are:

    • BRZ
    • Impreza
    • WRX
    • Legacy
    • Forester
    • Crosstrek
    • Outback
    • Baja

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