Top-Notch Brake Parts and Repairs for Your Subaru

When it comes to driving safety, there are a few things that are more important than your vehicle’s braking system.

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule for replacing brake pads or any other brake parts. Brake wear and tear also depends on several factors including the climate in your area, the amount of time you’ve driven your vehicle, and the frequency of stops.

Our experienced technicians at SubieSmith help you stay safe on the road through thorough inspections of your brake system. We examine the thickness of the pads and spot wear on the brake hardware that may be invisible to the untrained eye. If it’s time for a replacement, you can also count on us to provide professional installation.

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Your brakes deserve full attention. Here are some signs that may signal a need for brake service:
  • A flashing brake system warning light
  • A soft, sloppy, or low brake pedal
  • A loss of grip when braking
  • A sense that the vehicle pulls left or right when braking
  • Any unusual and high-pitched sounds when braking, such as screeching and squealing noises
  • A shuddering motion through the steering wheel when braking
  • A longer interval between braking and making a full stop

We recommend a tire rotation every six months to a year. A tire rotation is a perfect time to ask us to look into the condition of your brake system, as well.

Get a comprehensive brake replacement service for your Subaru with Subiesmith. Our brake replacement services are complete packages that include brake pads, rotors and any labor necessary to lubricate sticking parts and clean surfaces to get the best possible performance from your brake system. We don’t offer rotor resurface, as this service tends to cause problems down the road by reducing the head dissipation ability of the rotor and resulting in brake pedal pulsations. Instead, we have acceded to a slightly lower profit margin so we can replace the brake pads and rotors for the same price that most shop charge to replace just the brake pads. We’d rather have a happy customer than a few extra dollars in the bank. This is how we maintain our quality services for Subaru brake replacement and repair. 

Subaru’s very rarely need things like calipers or master cylinders replaced. While this does come up now and then, you won’t have to worry about us trying to up-sell you into a set of new calipers for no good reason. We aren’t here to inflate the bill with unnecessary add-ons.

Available SUBARU BRAKE Parts

We offer several levels of performance and cost when it comes to the parts we install. The labor process is the same, no matter which parts you choose:

  • Basic Parts - These are our entry level parts. They are fully functional, but may not last quite as long. They tend to leave a bit more dust on the wheels and might make a light squeak sound every once in a while. This tends to be a good option if the budget is tight or if we don’t plan on owning the vehicle for very long. Because the rear brakes do significantly less of the braking work, these tend to be an acceptable option for rear brake service.
  • Premium Parts - These are the best balance of valve and performance. These are the parts that most of us run on our personal vehicles. These brakes are quiet, clean and last a bit longer than the basic parts. These are what we recommend for most of our drivers, especially for the front brake service.
  • High Performance Parts - These parts are our top of the line option. The major difference is the rotors are drilled and slotted for maximum head dissipation. This is a very good option for our driver who spend lots of time driving in the mountains. Long downhill descents with lots of brake application tend to be the main cause of brake pedal pulsation. These parts are our best bet at avoiding that very unpleasant symptom. Please be aware that this style of rotor can reduce brake pad life slightly. We estimate by about 10%.


Our technicians install only top-grade parts for reliability and longevity. We value your safety so we steer clear of substandard products. Our high-quality brakes deliver precision, so you have peace of mind knowing that your Subaru will operate as reliably and safely as it did when it was new.

Our service includes new brake pads and brake rotors. We also clean and lube slides and contact points. The price depends per axle. We cover most Subarus.

  • Performance Brakes - Akebono Pads and Drilled/Slotted Rotors: $600 per axle
  • Premium Brakes - Akebono Pads and Premium Rotors: $500 per axle
  • Basic Brakes - Economy Pads and Rotors: $400 per axle

If you wish to learn more about the repair costs of your Subaru brakes, talk to us today.

The SubieSmith Difference

SubieSmith’s reputation is built on a transparent process and fairly priced services, regardless of the Subaru model. We understand the inconvenience of a vehicle breakdown, so we make it our priority to get you back on the road the soonest time possible. We also aim to save you from coming back to our shop with the same problem. While we use brake parts that are engineered using precise manufacturing methods to meet factory specifications, we make sure to stick to your budget.

We take pride in providing industry-leading labor and customer service. We are ASE-certified and home to experienced and hardworking technicians. If you’re leaving your vehicle with us for a more comprehensive service and you want updates, please feel free to call us any time: we pick up even after hours!

At the first signs of brake wear and tear, don’t wait! Set an appointment with our factory-trained technicians. Give us a call at (720) 295-0007, fill out our form, or email today.