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Keep Your Car Running Well with Camshaft Carrier Repair Services

Camshafts are, all in all, rather simple parts: shafts with lobes mounted along the length of it. Despite that, they are crucial to an engine’s operation and are responsible for opening and closing the valves that let air and fuel mix in the combustion chamber.

If your camshaft carrier is leaking oil, the camshaft won’t have enough lubrication and your engine’s performance is negatively impacted. SubieSmith’s Subaru camshaft carrier repair services in Thornton will prevent this.

One common symptom of a camshaft carrier leak is smoke coming from the engine bay. This is caused by the oil burning up due to contact with a hot exhaust manifold or pipe. When this happens, just give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment.

SubieSmith is conveniently located in Thornton. We’ll be happy to service your car and have it running in top condition again.

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Prevent Further Damage to Your Engine

Your Subaru’s camshaft carrier is responsible for keeping your vehicle’s camshafts in place. It also seals the oil in, keeping the camshaft lubricated. However, the carrier and its seals can get worn down over time, causing a leakage.

Any oil leak is bad for your vehicle. Oil lubricates the camshaft and protects it from friction. While your vehicle is running, the camshafts are constantly spinning and the lobes mounted along the shaft repeatedly slide against a valve.

A lack of engine oil will cause increased friction to the point that the camshaft locks up and/or the crankshaft bearings fail.

A camshaft replacement by itself is quite expensive, but a valve replacement adds quite a lot to the costs. Depending on the extent of the damage and the parts used as replacements, repairs can cost you well over $3,000.

Don’t wait until your camshaft carrier causes damage to the rest of your car’s engine. With preventative maintenance, you can avoid paying for more costly repairs with our camshaft carrier repair services.

Subaru Camshaft Carrier Repairs Done Right

By entrusting your Subaru to SubieSmith, you get high-quality repair services:

Complete Vehicle Inspection - FRee

Information at Subiesmith is always free. When we perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection on your car, you will receive a full report on what we find, good and bad. Along with context of how the pending repairs may impact vehicle operation, our best estimates of the timeframes for repairs, and helpful hints and tips to minimize the risk of damage if repairs need to wait.

Modified Vehicle Policy

Is your Subaru modified? Have you added some high performance parts or a lift kit? If so, these modifications may exclude your vehicle from being able to be serviced at Subiesmith. Depending on the modifications made, our standard diagnostic information and part sources may not be useful.
Please contact us with any questions about the impact your modifications may have on our ability to service your vehicle.

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