Subaru Car Brake Services in Thornton

Avoid Accidents Caused by Faulty Brakes

Your vehicle’s brake system is one of its most important parts. That’s why SubieSmith provides Subaru brake repair services in Thornton, so you and your vehicle stay safe while driving.

While there are several parts clearly more important to making your vehicle able to run, few are as crucial to keeping you alive as your brakes. Faulty brakes lengthen your vehicle’s braking distance, increasing the chance of an accident.

Should your brakes fail completely, you would be in even greater danger, especially on sloped roads. Avoid accidents with brake replacement services in Thornton from SubieSmith.

Signs of Faulty Brakes

There aren’t any strict rules for brake replacement, but there are several signs to look out for:

If you experience any of these problems, it’s time to take your car in for brake maintenance services. Fill out our form to schedule an appointment.

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The Complete Package at Lower Prices

Your safety is our priority when it comes to brake services. As such, included in our brake services are all the essentials. We replace brake pads, rotors, fluid, calipers, and cylinders. Brake jobs do not include fluid, calipers, and cylinder; though we are prepared to perform all other labor necessary to ensure your brake system performs as well as possible.

Most of the time, all you need is a brake pad, rotor, and fluid replacement. Subarus rarely need caliper and cylinder replacements.

If you compare our prices with other shops, you’ll find that we price brake pad and rotor replacement at the same price that most charge for just the pad. Your brake system is one of the most important parts of your car to keep in good condition. We don’t want you to skimp on it due to the cost.

However, we don’t offer rotor resurfacing. This is because resurfacing thins the metal, making it less safe to use. It also reduces the rotors ability to dissipate heat, causing brake pedal pulsations. It’s an inferior alternative to rotor replacement in the long run.

Top-Grade Brake Parts

We use only high-quality brake parts when performing brake services to help ensure your safety. Substandard parts will not only last for a shorter period of time, they are also not as safe. We offer brake parts in three different levels of performance:

All brake pads and rotors are priced per axle, and we’re able to cover most Subaru models. Besides replacing brake pads and rotors, we clean and lubricate slides and contact points as part of our brake services.

Better Subaru Car Services with SubieSmith

At SubieSmith, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality service and our customers’ satisfaction. By choosing us, you get:

Complete Vehicle Inspection - FRee

Information at Subiesmith is always free. When we perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection on your car, you will receive a full report on what we find, good and bad. Along with context of how the pending repairs may impact vehicle operation, our best estimates of the timeframes for repairs, and helpful hints and tips to minimize the risk of damage if repairs need to wait.

Modified Vehicle Policy

Is your Subaru modified? Have you added some high performance parts or a lift kit? If so, these modifications may exclude your vehicle from being able to be serviced at Subiesmith. Depending on the modifications made, our standard diagnostic information and part sources may not be useful.
Please contact us with any questions about the impact your modifications may have on our ability to service your vehicle.

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